Council tax scam alert

Council tax scam alert


Don't get caught out

Thousands of people across the country have fallen victim to a Council Tax scam.

An email claiming to be from Unity Partnership falsely claiming that people are entitled to a refund has been circulated across the country and even abroad.

The email includes the link to a form which requests people to input their bank details.

Residents are being urged to be vigilant when receiving any form of refund for Council Tax without speaking directly to a trusted source.

Lesley O’Halloran, assistant director for customer services at Wigan Council, said: “It is extremely worrying that our residents may fall victim to this scam.

“Any Council Tax refund would come directly from Wigan Council, and we would never ask you to input any bank details.

“We would advise you to speak to us if you are ever worried about receiving an email such as this. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

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Posted on Monday 20th March 2017

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