Kids encouraged to walk to school and tackle the Daily Mile

Kids encouraged to walk to school and tackle the Daily Mile

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Jane and Lorenzo Udegbue give The Daily Mile the thumbs up

Parents have been encouraged to pick up The Daily Mile mantra and get active themselves for Walk to School Week.

More than 9,000 children across Wigan Borough are already enjoying their Daily Mile at school but for National Walk to School Week 2017 parents have been urged to get out and active too on the daily trip to and from school.

The latest school to sign up to The Daily Mile is Rowan Tree Primary School in Atherton which is hosting the first inclusive daily mile specially adapted for children with learning difficulties.

Parents have even been invited along to take part with their children by tackling a fun assortment of physical and sensory challenges before walking or running The Daily Mile together.

Jane Udegbue joined her son Lorenzo on the fun packed afternoon where Lorenzo particularly enjoyed the hammer throwing.

Jane said: "We've had a lot of fun today and Lorenzo really enjoyed it. The Daily Mile is a really good thing for us to get involved with."

The Daily Mile was set up by Elaine Wyllie at her school in Stirling, Scotland, to improve the fitness levels of pupils there back in 2012. The initiative took off with schools and The Daily Mile is now practised in schools across the country. Across Wigan Borough there are more than 50 daily mile routes.

Professor Kate Ardern, director for public health at Wigan Council, said: "It's fantastic to see that parents are getting involved in The Daily Mile and brilliant that schools like Rowan Tree Primary School are finding ways to engage pupils and making it fully accessible to all. We are hearing from teachers and parents about the positive impact The Daily Mile is having on pupils, not only improving their physical health but also on their mental health and engagement in the classroom.

"With our young people leading the way in daily fitness we now want parents to join in and Walk to School Week has been the ideal opportunity for you to get active with your children and take those first steps towards a healthier life."

Find out more about The Daily Mile or for information on how to set up a daily mile in the school, contact schools programme officer for Inspiring health lifestyles Hazel Whittle or call 01942 404969.

Posted on Friday 19th May 2017

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