Get your teeth into The Daily Smile

Get your teeth into The Daily Smile

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Pupils from Ince CE Primary School help to launch The Daily Smile with Councillor David Molyneux and Councillor Jenny Bullen

Keeping the teeth of people of all ages well is the key of The Daily Smile, which has launched as part of Wellfest.

The initiative links together the oral hygiene campaigns from Let's Get Brushing and the Healthy Living Dentistry programme to encourage people to take good care of their teeth and is backed by dentists across Wigan Borough.

The simple message is aimed at encouraging people to look after their teeth every day. And the advice for good oral hygiene will also be reiterated in care homes across the borough with support for residents to continue to look after their teeth no matter what a person's age is.

The Daily Smile also encourages simple steps everyone can take to look after their oral health.

It includes restricting sugar to meal time and only having sugar free snacks and drinks between meals.

Parents are also urged to start brushing their children's teeth as soon as they appear with a smear of adult fluoride toothpaste until they are old enough to spit out, which is usually around eight years of age. Then they can add a small strip of toothpaste on the brush and follow the three step rule of brush, spit, don't rinse.

Parents are also encouraged to take their children to the dentist as soon as possible and not to wait until they have teeth to get them used to the surroundings. It is recommended to book a child in at the same time as a parent's regular six monthly check up.

Councillor David Molyneux, deputy leader of Wigan Council, said: "Oral health is so often easily overlooked but with The Daily Smile we want to bring it back into everyone’s attention. We already do great work with young people across the borough with our Let's Get Brushing scheme which is targeted at young children encouraging them to brush their teeth at school. We are very lucky to have a great partnership with our dentists through the Healthy Living Dentistry programme too.

"With The Daily Smile we want to make good oral hygiene an issue everyone takes into account, which is why we're extending our support out to all communities and working with care homes to encourage good practices which can have many more health benefits than just looking after our teeth."

As part of Wellfest The Daily Smile is also launching with a mass brush, with people encouraged to post their #DailySmile tooth brushing selfies on Thursday 14th September.

Posted on Wednesday 13th September 2017

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