Working better together for the welfare of residents

Working better together for the welfare of residents

Organisations borough-wide have been pulled together for a large scale discussion on local welfare support and homelessness.

In line with their welfare reform strategy, Wigan Council and third sector organisations met today to discuss how they can better work together to take action to keep more people off the streets and support residents to manage their money.

On Wednesday 14th March, Citizen’s Advice Wigan Borough and the council hosted an event at Wigan Youth Zone, providing an opportunity for partners to share information in a bid to identify gaps in the system and make stronger working relationships with a common end goal.

Councillor Terry Halliwell, cabinet member for welfare reform said: “The welfare of our residents is of paramount importance to us and we are committed to exploring all opportunities to ensure people have as much support as possible.

“Although we are aware of what services we have locally, it is extremely beneficial to come together under one roof so we can understand how we can work better together to maximise impact.

“We intend for these meetings to be ongoing so relationships are maintained and information can be regularly shared.

“Hearing the thoughts of our partners has been really positive as these perspectives will shape how the meetings develop and ultimately how our residents can be better supported.”

Services speaking at the meeting included the Department of Work and Pensions (who are leading on the roll out of Universal Credit in Wigan Borough next month), the council and Citizen’s Advice, with a number of local welfare reform services attending.  

Lisa Kidston, chief officer at Citizen’s Advice Wigan Borough said: “We’re looking forward to hosting these events with the council as it’s extremely important that our approach to homelessness and welfare reform more widely is joined up and all services know what support is available across the borough.”

Last year, almost 5,000 potential homeless cases were prevented and the council have previously supported local homelessness services through The Deal for Communities Investment Fund.

If you need some impartial advice on benefits or claims forms, head to one of our welfare support surgeries that are held across the borough throughout the week.

Find more information about Welfare reform services.

Posted on Wednesday 14th March 2018

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