Stay clear of 'cold calling' and protect yourself from rip-off rogues

Stay clear of 'cold calling' and protect yourself from rip-off rogues

Residents in the borough are being urged to use a valuable council service and not fall victim to rogue traders offering work on their doorstep.

Wigan Council’s Trading Standards team was recently made aware of an incident in the Poolstock Lane area where uninvited traders travelling from outside the borough jet-washed the driveway of a resident and were then demanding more money than the agreed price.

It’s believed the trader stopped, had been knocking door to door touting for work.

The team are concerned that there may be other similar victims of house repairs who did not come forward.

As a result, the council wants to remind residents about the perils of agreeing to such work and to always be cautious with uninvited traders on the door

Services being offered can often be poor quality and overpriced and with no comeback if things go wrong.

The Trading Standards team strongly urge residents to refer to the council’s Good Trader Scheme with its local member traders committed to treating customers honestly and fairly.

Paul Barton, Wigan Council’s director for environment, said: “Residents should never feel pressured into agreeing to work being completed from an uninvited ‘cold caller’.

“We would always advise people to use the Wigan Council’s Good Trader Scheme where you can find plenty of local reputable tradespeople that have been verified by Trading Standards and have assurance  that the job will be done properly and fairly."

“The scheme’s website provides residents with over 180 local businesses to choose from, whose members have agreed to a code of practice to deal fairly and honestly with their customers.”

If residents are concerned about traders cold calling in the area, they should contact Trading Standards via the Citizen's Advice Consumer Services helpline on 03454 040506 or if they feel threatened ring the police.

Check the Trading Standards web pages for more details, or ring 03454 040506.

Posted on Thursday 11th July 2019

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