Welcome to Wigan

Welcome to Wigan


Earlier this week we welcomed almost 200 people to Wigan for our third Deal Conference in partnership with the Local Government Chronicle.

Professionals from across the public sector travelled from as far as Devon and Scotland to find out about Wigan’s reform journey and to learn more about our plans for the next ten years.

I was truly humbled to see so many people turn up at the event wanting to engage with us and our partners to hear about our transformation.  

The Deal has been instrumental in helping us to save £150 million from our budget while forcing us to change the way we work with our partners, residents and communities. It was also the reason we were awarded the prestigious ‘Council of the Year’ title from our event partners, the Local Government Chronicle.

But the achievements of The Deal and the significant organisational transformation here in Wigan simply wouldn’t have been possible without the strong, strategic and supportive political leadership that we have and the creativity, talent and passion of our staff, communities and partners.   

At a time of national crisis it is councils and local public services which are stepping up to provide leadership for our places and our communities. It is local public services which are breaking down traditional organisational barriers and working in new ways together. It is local public services which are revitalising our built environment, providing skills, purpose and hope for our young people and bringing happiness, kindness and safety to our most vulnerable; all despite significant reductions in our budgets.

So where do we go from here?

At this week’s event we shared our plans for the next ten years. In true asset-based style (a key principle of The Deal) the Deal 2030 strategy was shaped by residents for residents. After speaking to more than 6,000 residents who shared more than 10,000 ideas we identified ten key priorities that will help make Wigan a better place.

Posted on Wednesday 9th October 2019

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