Replacement caddy liners

All Wigan residents who recycle their food waste are entitled to a free roll of caddy liners to line their grey kitchen caddy.

You can obtain your free roll by calling at one of the centres/libraries listed below.

You may have to give your house number (or name) and postcode at some of the outlets for monitoring purposes.

Life Centres and libraries

Atherton Life Centre

Ashton Library

Ince Life Centre

Aspull Library

Leigh Life Centre

Golborne Library

Marsh Green Life Centre

Shevington Library

Platt Bridge Life Centre

Standish Library

Wigan Life Centre

Tyldesley Library

Waste recycling centres

For information on where to find waste recycling centres in Wigan Borough and the items you can recycle, visit:

Other outlets


If you have mobility problems and are unable to visit any of the above locations contact us.


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