Smoke and air pollution

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You can have a bonfire or use a chiminea in a smoke control area at private, residential properties as long as the smoke fumes do not affect highways or people living or working close by.

Chimney smoke

There are various smoke control areas across the borough to reduce smoke pollution. It is an offence to allow smoke to escape from chimneys in smoke control areas and the person or people responsible can be prosecuted and receive a fine of up to £1000.

Smoke from industrial premises

We are responsible for regulating air pollution and the overall environmental impact of specified industrial premises.

We are required to take reasonable steps to investigate and, if appropriate, take formal action to address forms of air pollution.

Officers will investigate the circumstances of the case and how the air pollution affects you. It may be necessary to visit you and the pollution source to assess whether air pollution nuisance exists.

  • See our pollution pages if your complaint involves a commercial property.

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