Youth offending

We aim to prevent children and young people from committing crime and help them lead more fulfilling lives. We work mainly with young people aged between 10-17 with a focus on:

  • Rights of victims and safety of communities
  • Ensuring young people are held accountable for the actions and give back to their victims or the wider community
  • Taking early action to stop young people getting involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.

We do this by offering:

  • Support for parents
  • Bail supervision and support
  • Attendance the police station when a parent or carer can not attend an interview
  • Work with other local groups to stop young people offending
  • Court reports advising the courts on which sentence to chose
  • Restorative justice - helping young people to make good on any harm or damage they caused.

Become a Volunteer Mentor

We are looking for adult volunteers to become mentors to children and young people who are considered at risk of offending or who are currently in the Criminal Justice System. The mentor’s role is to provide advice, guidance and encouragement to the young person to help them to progress and to discourage offending. Out of pocket expenses and full training are provided.

For more information, you can contact the Mentoring Project Co-ordinator Simon Ogunlana.


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