Parking permits


You are entitled to one resident permit per vehicle if your usual place of residence is within a controlled parking zone.

You can apply for a resident permit, an annual visitor permit or a daily visitor permit.


Businesses are entitled to permits if the business is operating from an address within the controlled parking zone and the vehicle for which the permit is required is essential to the operation of the business.

You can apply for a business permit or a daily business permit.

Contract parking (town centre car parks)

Anyone can purchase a contract parking permit for a town centre car park. The permits can last for three months, six months or one year.

Blue Badge

If you are disabled, a Blue Badge permit will allow you to park legally near to places you need to visit. Find out how to apply:

Frequently asked questions

Am I entitled to a discount on all my permits?

If you are a senior citizen aged 60 or above at the time of application, a Blue Badge holder, registered charity or a place of worship you are entitled to a 50% discount on the annual and daily visitor permits. You are also entitled to a 50% discount on the resident's permit that is issued for your vehicle only.

Can I use the annual visitor permit in my own vehicle?

No, a visitor permit can only be used by people visiting premises.

Can I apply for more than one annual visitor permit?

No, each household is allowed one annual visitor permit per year at a cost of £17.50

How do I know what zone I live in?

You can check the sign plates on street as they will display the name of the zone or you can look at the CPZ locations page.

How long will my permits take to arrive?

Approximately five working days.

I have lost my permit, is there a charge for a replacement?

Yes lost permits will be charged as follows:

  • Lost visitor permits - £10
  • Lost residents permits - £5
  • Lost business permits - £10.

I own the property but do not reside there, am I entitled to permits?

You are entitled to the daily visitor permit only.

What proof can I provide to apply for a residents permit?

Acceptable documents include:

  • Full Vehicle Registration Document (V5) or Car Insurance Document quoting your address. This is only required if applying for a resident permit
  • If you’re applying for a resident permit for a company car, you will need a letter from your employer on letter headed paper which confirms the registration number of the vehicle which will be residing at your address
  • Recent utility bill or Council Tax demand.

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