The Deal in Action

The DealThe Deal in Action is about taking ‘The Deal’ and our pledges out into the community and in return providing residents and businesses a chance to play their part. 

The Deal in Action has visited various parts of the borough where Wigan Council staff, elected members, community groups and local residents have come together to help create a better borough.

Early Deal in Action’s in 2015 concentrated on improving the environment and street scene, but as interest in the initiative has grown and the demand to get involved has significantly increased, there is a move to ensure that the focus widens and becomes sustainable.

In more recent Deal in Action areas, more services have come together to work in partnership.

Our aims

  • To encourage behaviour change
  • To focus on our residents and communities
  • To encourage a two way conversation (take the Council into the community and gain buy in from residents)
  • To provide an opportunity for services to deliver in different way
  • To communicate a consistent message about the council and what we stand for – key messages
  • To encourage communities to support each other – build self-reliance
  • To provide an opportunity for residents to get involved in their community – increase volunteering
  • Increase 300 voices to 3000 voices – engagement and consultation
  • Increase staff buy in – staff volunteering
  • Create a lasting legacy
  • Utilise the links and local knowledge of elected members.

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