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Announce the name of your new baby or welcome a child into your family with a ceremony for all your family.
The limit on the total amount of benefit that working age people can receive.
We always want to pay the right amount of benefit to the right person. We need your help to identify those people who falsely claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.
Housing benefits, Council Tax Reduction, free school meals, welfare reform and benefit fraud.
Your doctor should be able to refer you for bereavement counselling but there are other organisations who can help.
Rewarding pubs, bars and nightclubs that discourage binge drinking and prevent alcohol-related crime.
Bin collection dates, collection changes during the holiday period, along with information on computer access points and getting online.
Find out what days your bins are due to be collected.
Find out if there is a reason your bin has not been collected, or report it to us.
From bins and bulky item collections to recycling services and finding a recycling centre.
How to register a birth, the details you need to bring and who needs to attend.
How to apply for a Blue Badge disabled parking permit, appealing a Blue Badge application decision and reporting Blue Badge fraud.
Report a problem with a bonfire and find out what you can dispose of in garden bonfires.
Library Services - Bookchoice - Fill in the online form and you will receive book recommendations tailored to your tastes.
Find libraries in Wigan Borough, find and renew your books online, see what services the libraries offer and what events will be taking place.
Improving the appearance of the borough in partnership with communities and businesses, producing floral displays and permanent planting schemes, and dealing with litter, graffiti and vandalism.
Council newsletter distributed to all households in the borough.
Bowls is a game for all ages and all levels.
Report a problem with a bridge and find out what the council is responsible for.
Apply for building regulations approval and advice on building control for residential purposes.
Request collection of large items, white goods, electrical appliances and more including how to donate furniture to charities.
Licensing and permits for all kinds of businesses and trades.
General information, make a payment or apply for a reduction.
Support and advice for running a business including networks, events, training, awards, employment, grants and properties.
Find out more about the different schemes available to help you buy a home.
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