Wigan Borough in Bloom

Our aim is to make Wigan Borough a better place for everybody by improving the appearance of the borough and by encouraging communities and businesses in the borough to work in partnership. As well as improving Wigan as a place to live and work, we also aim to help encourage tourism to the borough.

This is all achieved by producing quality and innovative floral displays and appropriate and sustainable permanent planting schemes whilst dealing with litter, graffiti and vandalism promptly and regularly.

Our aims

  • Make the borough a clean, green place to live and work
  • Nurture an environment where people feel safe
  • Create prosperous town centres where people wish to visit and shop
  • Encourage communities to be more sustainable
  • Undertake anti-litter workshops and environmental education to all
  • Raise the aspirations of the community and create cohesion
  • Work in partnership with the wider community to deliver The Deal.

Our environmental objectives

  • Develop the borough's town centres
  • Enhance neighbourhoods across the borough
  • Strengthen communities
  • Target resources to the areas that need them most
  • Work in partnership to strengthen resources
  • Set up environmental projects within schools
  • Change behaviour to increase awareness of and respect for the environment
  • Reduce litter and waste.

In Bloom competition 2017

Judges from the Royal Horticultural Society for North West in Bloom were in the borough in late July / early August. Over the course of 4 days the 6 judges visited 29 locations across the borough, including parks, local nature reserves, town centres, neighbourhoods, allotments, businesses and a primary school.

Volunteers met the judges at every location and gave passionate talks about the work that they do to enhance the area that they live in. This was the first year that the judges visited Hindley and Atherton as part of Wigan Council’s own entry.

Everyone entering the competition is assessed on the following:

  • Horticultural quality
  • Community participation
  • Environmental responsibility.

All entrants will find out their results at an awards ceremony in Southport in November.

Get involved

Please contact us to find out more.

In Bloom garden competition

The judging is now over and we had over 100 entrants this year. The results will be announced at an end of season celebration to be held in September. More information is coming soon.


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