School visits to museum

Free school visits

Our museum covers many topics areas that will support your teaching from the Romans and local industry, to the two world wars. Your class is always welcome to come for a free unfacilitated visit, all we ask is that you let us know in advance.

Free Museum and Local Studies Inductions - The Ancient Egyptians or The Romans

Suitable for Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6, Ages 7-11 years old)

We also offer a free short introductory session about the Ancient Egyptians or the Romans to welcome your class. These sessions are great fun and give children a glimpse into the work of a museum, learning some of the vocabulary around historical research and encouraging group discussion. A brief introduction to Wigan Local Studies will help everyone understand how to use maps, photographs and documents for historic research about the Borough. Your class will then learn about the Ancient Egyptians or Romans and view original objects both up close and on display in the exhibitions. Everyone will also have some free time to explore the displays with an activity sheet. For further details read Free Museum inductions - Egyptians or Romans Info for Schools and to book please contact us and complete the Schools Booking Form for Free Museum Induction.

Arts Awards at the Museum

Why not complete the Arts Awards at the museum with our unique logbook and artwork done by the children in class? The Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible. The museum is an accredited organisation offering Discover and Explore Arts Awards, the first two of five national levels. We offer the logbooks free of charge for classes who complete the award at the museum. Please note assessment charges apply.

Schools workshops

Class of school children using a museum gallery for a workshop sessionThe museum offers a wide range of curriculum based workshops such as 'The Roman Bathhouse' and 'Don't Go Down the Mine'. These workshops are an interactive, fun way to add value and enrich your teaching. All our workshops have a link with the local borough and contain original resources to bring history to life.

These sessions offer excellent value for money and are available for booking either in-school or at the museum. Your school can buy into the Schools Cultural Service for a range of workshops, museum loans, project loans, class sets and advice visits. Or simply book a one off session at the museum or in your school.

Classroom resources

Our Archives and Local Studies department contains historical resources suitable for your classroom. Our expert staff offer advice on lesson planning and which records might be suitable for your subject, whether local history or national events.

We can supply copies of documents or photographs digitally for use on smart-boards or tablet computers.

Get hands on with tours of the archives and a local history handling session facilitated by our professional staff.


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