When we have to make a decision about improving or changing services it is important that we consult with the general public. Whether you live, work or travel in Wigan we are committed to giving you the opportunity to have your say.

Current consultations
ConsultationDescriptionClosing date
Arts and cultural activity in Wigan Have your say on arts and cultural activity within Wigan Borough. What would you like to be involved in and what would you like to see more of across our borough? End of June 2019
Poolstock Environmental Improvement Scheme Have your say on the Poolstock Environmental Improvement Scheme. We would like to develop proposals to improve Poolstock Lane in Wigan, looking ahead to completion of the A49 link road. Sunday 31st March 2019

Completed consultations

Fair consultations

We will:

  • Consult when proposals are still at a formative stage
  • Give sufficient reasons for any proposal to allow intelligent consideration and response
  • Give adequate time for consideration and response
  • Take responses into account when finalising decisions.

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