Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste must not be included with your domestic waste. You may be able to take small quantities of potentially hazardous household products to the waste and recycling centres such as engine oil, pesticides, and paint thinners. No unidentified chemicals are accepted.

Please note: Petrol and diesel are not accepted at any of the recycling centres.


You can dispose of asbestos at Kirkless Recycling Centre. An appointment must be arranged 24 hours beforehand - please call 01942 825755.

If you are attending in a larger vehicle you will need to obtain a permit via WMBC by calling 01942 404364.

Asbestos is extremely harmful to health and disposing of it is at your own risk.

  • Always wear a mask and gloves when handling asbestos
  • Avoid breaking-up the sheets and ensure that they are damped down with water
  • You must double wrap asbestos in thick, durable plastic sheeting (such as builder’s rubble bags) and seal the bags well before bringing it to site, ensuring there are no holes or rips. The material must be in manageable pieces so it can be lifted into the container.
  • The opening to the asbestos container is 1m x 1m therefore the packages will need to fit into the opening. Longer sheets can be fitted in, but must initially fit through the opening.
  • If the quantity exceeds 15 packages (within reason) you will be required to have a home visit by a WMBC representative to find out the origin of the material. Please contact 01942 404364 to arrange this if needed.

Alternatively, you may want to use a licensed waste company to dispose of the asbestos for you.


To dispose of old pesticides, you must firstly visit the Pesticides Safety website (external link) to check if they are legal for use and, if not, take them to the Kirkless recycling centre.

Gas cylinders

Household LPG and inert gas cylinders will be accepted at the waste and recycling centres.

Oxygen and compressed air cylinders will only be accepted at the Kirkless recycling centre.


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