Giving notice of civil partnerships

If you wish to give a notice of civil partnership then you will need to book an appointment.

What are civil partnerships?

Civil partnerships are not the same as a same sex marriage. If you wish to arrange a same sex marriage, see the giving notice of marriage page.

Converting a civil partnership into a marriage

If you have already had a civil partnership and you wish to convert it into a marriage then you can do so at any register office in England or Wales (if it was originally formed in England or Wales).

If your civil partnership was formed outside England or Wales then we can not convert it for you.

If you wish to have your conversion in the district of Wigan and Leigh then you need to contact us.

Types of conversion

You can have a simple conversion, where just the two of you attend and sign the declaration and convert there and then. You will be charged £45 for the conversion plus £4 on the day (by card only) for each marriage certificate you require.

You can also have a ceremony to celebrate your conversion at one of our offices or approved venues within the borough. The fees are the same as a marriage ceremony fee.

When you contact us we can discuss all the options with you.


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