Discounted homes

On developments where the Discounted Homes scheme is on offer, purchasers will be able to buy properties at  a discount.

This will vary from site to site but will generally be between 27 - 30% less than the full property value.

This means that whilst you will still need a minimum 5% deposit, you will be buying the property with a discount of, for example, 30% less than its open market value.


  • Property value = £100,000
  • Price at 30% discount = £70,000
  • Buyer deposit and mortgage = £70,000
Full property price (100%)
DepositMortgageDiscounted by 30%
You Bank/Building Society Wigan Council/Developer

It is important to know that properties purchased under the Discounted Homes Scheme will always remain affordable homes. This means that when you sell the property you will need to do so minus the discount and to a person that qualifies for the scheme (Wigan Council will help you do this).


Property value = £120,000
Resale amount = £120,000 - 30% (£36,000) = £84,000

It is not possible to purchase additional shares under the Discounted Homes for Sale scheme.

Who can apply

  • You must live or work in Wigan Borough, or otherwise have a long-standing family connection to the borough

An independent financial advisor must assess your finances to make sure it is affordable for you to access the scheme (please note, stamp duty and service charges are applicable. You should discuss all associated costs with the Sales Team on each individual development as they will vary from scheme to scheme).


To see what homes are available please visit the Properties Available to Buy page.

Should you find a development that meets your needs, please apply through the “Apply For It” link on the page.

It may also beneficial to visit the Sales Office on the development you are interested in to inform your choice (please check with developers for sales office opening arrangements) .


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