Standish Neighbourhood Plan

Standish Voice (external link) is a community group who have prepared a neighbourhood plan for Standish.

Consultation on the redesignation of Standish Voice as a Neighbourhood Forum for Standish has now closed

Standish Voice’s designation as a Neighbourhood Forum is due to expire on 14th May 2020. They have applied to be redesignated for another 5 years to help ensure the Standish Neighbourhood Plan (made part of the borough’s development plan in 2019) is implemented effectively.

Their application for re-designation has been consulted on locally for a period of 6 weeks and ended on Wednesday 18th March 2020. 167 comments have been submitted by people either living or working in Standish. All comments received are currently being considered by the Council and will inform the decision as to whether Standish Voice will be redesignated as the Neighbourhood Forum for Standish. A decision is expected shortly and will be publicised on this webpage.

Standish Voice submitted the following documents to the Council as part of their application for re-designation:

Paper copies of these documents can also be viewed at Standish Library.

The Neighbourhood Forum relates to the Standish Neighbourhood Area. If Standish Voice is redesignated as the Neighbourhood Forum, no other organisation or body may be designated for that neighbourhood area until that designation expires or is withdrawn.

Neighbourhood Plan agreed at Referendum

Following a Neighbourhood Referendum on 18th July 2019, the Standish Neighbourhood Plan is now part of the development plan for the borough. This means that all planning applications within the Standish Neighbourhood Area need to agree with the plan, subject to other considerations.

The Neighbourhood Plan and the associated policies map can be viewed below:

A hard copy of the Neighbourhood Plan, the Policies Map and the Examiner's Report can be viewed at Standish Library.

Neighbourhood area

The designated neighbourhood area is Standish:

The neighbourhood area was designated on 23rd April 2015.

Neighbourhood forum

Standish Voice is the neighbourhood forum for the purpose of preparing a neighbourhood plan for Standish.

The forum was formally designated as ‘Standish Voice’ by the Cabinet on 14th May 2015. Following this decision no other organisation or body may be designated for the neighbourhood area until the designation expires or is withdrawn.


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